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Entrepreneurship 1-1 Master Course

Develop Your Business Idea and make it a reality
A step by step course on how to build a proper business plan to start your dream business.


Go big (or go home).

2. Not working for anyone.
3. Waking up when you want.
4. Vacation when you want.
5. Spending more time with your kids.
6. Having a map to follow to start your business journey.


The Course

The Business Management Online Course is a distance learning course that gives you the opportunity to study specific business topics in depth. These courses will expand your business knowledge and help you write up a business plan.

1. You have a super business idea but you don’t know how to carry it out to make it a reality.
2. You are afraid that others will steal your idea because you do not know how to execute it.
3. You set a date to start working on your idea, but you postpone it because you get overwhelmed with everything..
4. You set a date to start working on your idea, but you postpone it because you get overwhelmed with everything.

Upgrade your skills and start a new life chapter now.

entrepreneurship 101 Master Course


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Bonus 1

Exclusive access to a 1-on-1 coaching call with me, where we can dive into your specific business challenges and tailor the strategies to your unique entrepreneurial journey.

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Receive a 1-year customized calendar to guide you through each stage of business development.

Bonus 3

Utilize an in-depth "How to Start a Business" checklist to ensure no crucial steps are missed.

A well-prepared business plan can offer a multitude of benefits for entrepreneurs and business owners. Here are some of the key advantages of having a business plan:

A business plan forces you to think through your business idea in detail. This process clarifies your goals and objectives, helping you understand the direction you want your business to take.

It serves as a roadmap for your business. You outline your strategies and tactics for achieving your goals, which can keep you on track and help you make informed decisions.

You can identify potential challenges and risks early on, allowing you to develop strategies to mitigate or overcome them. This can be crucial for the long-term success of your business.

A business plan helps you allocate resources efficiently. You can plan for your financial needs, manpower, and other resources, ensuring that you have what you need to reach your goals.

If you’re seeking funding from investors or lenders, a well-structured business plan can be a critical tool. It demonstrates your commitment and ability to manage the business effectively.

  1. A business plan serves as a communication tool for your team, partners, and stakeholders. It helps everyone understand the business’s direction and goals.

You can use your business plan as a benchmark for measuring your progress. Regularly reviewing and updating it allows you to track your performance against your initial projections.

When faced with important decisions, you can refer back to your business plan to see if the decision aligns with your overall strategy and goals.

Your plan can help you define your target market, competition, and marketing strategies, ensuring that you have a clear plan for reaching and retaining customers.

Your plan can help you define your target market, competition, and marketing strategies, ensuring that you have a clear plan for reaching and retaining customers.

For startups, a business plan can provide a solid foundation and structure for the business, helping you avoid common pitfalls that new businesses may face.

It encourages you to think about the long-term viability of your business. You’ll consider industry trends, market changes, and adaptability in your plan.

A well-structured business plan can help attract and retain talented employees who want to work for a company with a clear vision and growth potential.

If you plan to sell your business or pass it on to someone else, a business plan can help facilitate a smooth transition.

Introducing the Entrepreneurship 101 Master Class: Building a Pro Business Plan! Are you ready to turn your business dreams into a strategic reality? Welcome to the Entrepreneurship 101 Master Class, a comprehensive and step-by-step guide designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to craft a professional business plan and set your entrepreneurial journey on the path to success.


One Time Price

AED 300
  • 1-on-1 coaching call
  • 1-year customized calendar
  • Business plan checklist
  • Eight Video Modules

Course Highlights

Define your destination! This module guides you through the process of setting clear and achievable goals for your business. Craft a vision that fuels your entrepreneurial journey and learn to set strategic objectives that serve as the roadmap to success.

Build the foundation of your business with purpose. Module 2 helps you articulate your mission, define a compelling vision, and establish core values. Align your business with a meaningful purpose that resonates with your target audience.

Navigate the competitive landscape. This module teaches you the art of competitor analysis, empowering you to understand your market positioning, identify opportunities, and leverage your unique strengths to stand out in the crowd.

Craft irresistible offerings! Module 4 dives into the development of your products and services. Learn how to create value for your customers, differentiate your offerings, and build a portfolio that captivates your target market.

Meet your ideal customers! Module 5 guides you through the process of identifying and connecting with your target market. Understand their needs, preferences, and behaviors to tailor your products or services for maximum impact.

Strategic insights for success. Module 6 introduces the powerful SWOT analysis—assess your internal strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities, and threats. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business landscape for informed decision-making.

Build a winning team! Module 7 explores effective team management strategies. Learn how to assemble, motivate, and lead a high-performing team that propels your business toward its goals.

Master the numbers game. Module 8 delves into the crucial aspect of financial planning and projections. Develop a comprehensive understanding of your business finances, set realistic projections, and ensure a sustainable and profitable future.

Enroll in the Entrepreneurship 101 Master Class and gain exclusive access to a bonus 1-on-1 coaching call. Receive personalized guidance tailored to your unique entrepreneurial journey.

Join us on this transformative learning experience, where each module is a stepping stone toward building a professional business plan and unlocking the full potential of your business. Enroll now and let's embark on this entrepreneurial journey together!